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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Jan 29 2006:Royal Carribean Murder Theme Cruise Returns to Port Canaveral

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Whodunit Productions presents MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS








A Murder Mystery Cruise Adventureface="baskerville old face">  face="Alleycat ICG">"TO DIE FOR !color="#FF0000" face="Alleycat ICG">"

Sailing aboard Royal Caribbean's beautiful ship "Mariner of the Seas"

face="times" size="5">

Jan. 22 - 29, 2006

Enjoy an elegant adventure at sea, while MURDER and MAYHEM
all around you, and even INVOLVE YOU! As the clues unravel, try to solve the
spectacular mystery of "whodunit"- before it's too late!


Whodunit Productions face="times" size="3">creates a Live Comedy Murder Mystery aboard the Mariner of the Seas that you
become a part of ... as well as try and solve.  There are times over the four day cruise that
you will be following the murder mystery and other times when you are free to just enjoy the cruise
... face="Mistral">

M U R D E R   F R E E
size="4" face="times">  We don't want you to
have to look over your shoulder for seven days and nights straight!

When you board you will be given a role to play for
the mystery.   Don't worry, if you are on the shy side you can just sit back and watch it
all unfold.  But if you are not, then you can use your character to find out as much as you
can.  You see the actors will be mixing among you and in character for the entire cruise!!!

The mystery begins to unfold on Sunday night with a where you will first meet
all of the very
face="times" size="3">Characters.  Then during the cruise there are mysterious notes slid under
your cabin door, and secret phone calls made to your cabin ... all kinds of wild happenings!


You cruise all Sunday night. Monday you are in Cococay, Bahamas
for the day.  Nothing will happen aboard the ship at this time, so you won't miss any important
clues.  Then Monday
night is Captain's Night and it is
bound to be a beautiful, elegant & 
D E A D L Y  night, for
sure!!  Tuesday we are at sea iwth more msterious happenings taking place
around every corner. With Wednesday our last night ending with a Royal
Caribbean hosted cocktail party to celebrate the Grand Super Sleuth Winner!!

T H O SE  W H O  S U R V I V

chalked deadman

... are back on Sunday Morning!!!

Each cruise will have its own mysterious theme...


Sunday, Jan. 22ndPort Canaveral, Florida 5:00 PM
Monday, Jan. 23rdCococay, Bahamas7:00 AM4:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan 24thAt sea 
Wednesday, Jan. 25thCharlotte Amalie, St. Thomas9:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 26th Philipsburg,
St. Maarten
7:00 AM 6:00 PM
Friday, Jan. 27th At sea  
Saturday, Jan. 28th At sea  
Sunday, Jan. 29th Port Canaveral, Florida  7:00 AM

  PRICE & AVAILABILITYsize="4" face>

*Least Expensive Inside Cabins (no window)

Starts at- $761.15 including port and taxes.

* Least Expensive Outside Cabins (a window)

Starts at- $911.15 including port and taxes.

*Balcony Cabins

Starts at- $1,111.15 including port and taxes.

*Prices are per person, cruise only double occupancy. Certain restrictions apply. Prices and
availability subject to change. 

Dial (661) 297-3208 For Murder

*All we need is a $100 deposit per person
to hold your cabin. (If you have traveled with us before and booked through another Travel Agent,
just have them give us a call)

check out the other 
Schedule of Cruises
size="4" face>

Cruise Reservations
& Information



Home -size="3" font face color="#0000FF">Murder on The High
Seas - How to Play

 Whodunit Dossier
  |  href="../future.htm">Future Adventures

Partners in Crime (AKA- Travel Agents)

FAQfont face> | Corporate Cruising Events

Evening cruise-Santa Barbara

Check out what "Past Suspects" are

about their hilarious escapades


email:  suspect@whodunitcruises.com


Special MURDER ON THE HIGH SEAS offered by

"Whodunit Productions"

aboard Royal Caribbean International's

elegant Monarch of the Seas.


Whodunit Productions

26893 Bouquet Canyon Road #113

Santa Clarita, CA 91350


Whodunit Productions

in association with

Royal Caribbean International

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