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Project Safe Cruise Press Release: See www.projectsafecruise.blogspot.com & details below. Leave a message if you have experienced incidents involving poor security & safety practices of cruise lines. Hearings are scheduled; we will provide them to Congress. We must act to insure passenger safety. The current lack of safety & security is not acceptable especially after 9/11. On 5/12/05, we were on the Carnival Destiny near Aruba when an elderly couple disappeared without a trace.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Irish teen reported missing from cruise ship 1/05/06

Irish teen reported missing from cruise ship 1/05/06

Note: Carnival has owned the Costa Cruise Line since 2000.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A 15-year-old cruise passenger from Ireland was reported missing early Thursday morning in waters off Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, the latest in a string of disappearances from cruise ships. The passenger, who was traveling with her family, was aboard the cruise ship Costa Magica, which left Fort Lauderdale New Year's Day on a week-long Western Caribbean itinerary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on the cruise when the 15 yr old Irish girl went overboard. There is so much false reporting that the media is doing! It left Ft Lauderdale Jan 2nd and returned Jan 8th for a 6 night cruise. We were traveling with my 2 kids and husband, and our friends and their 3 kids. All teenagers. The first night I was woke up by loud teens going in and out of the room next to ours, and running in the hall. The 3rd night, Weds. Jan 4th, after midnight I was woke again by horrible yelling and screaming and it sounded like they were tearing the room apart. I looked in the hall and the lady across from us had called security along with our friends. They had a cabin on the other side of ours. They were across from the elevators and stairway and saw a teen boy carrying a girl that looked passed our with blood on herself. They called security too. One man came and the boy told him that everything was ok, and that he'd take care of it and he promised it would be ok. The security guy left. It was only minutes and they started fighting and screaming again! That girl was totally irrational! This time I called for security and the lady that answered said they already sent someone. I told her that he was here and gone and they were fighting again and it was bad! To get someone here quick. The man came back pretty quickly. The teen boy then said he was going to 'get their parents'. He returned pretty quickly with a couple that looked like they were being inconvenienced! They had their wine glasses in hand! They all left the room and the kids told us they were sorry. About an hour later, I heard hysterical screaming in the hallway from an Irish woman and what sounded like the same teen boy, that 'she jumped, oh my god she jumped!" It went on and on and it was horrifying when you are awoken from sleep! I could see the ship was slowing from the TV channel and I could see that they had 2 spotlights searching for her. I went on my balcony and watched for hours thinking that someone would come from some country to help, whether it was boats or a helicopter. Nothing came! The ocean was very calm too, almost like glass and it was very peaceful out there, but eery because that poor girl was out there. They finally made an announcement at 7am that we had to continue the search until Mexican authorities got there. I never saw anything come!! About 11am, they got on the PA and said we were ok'd to go on to Cozumel. Later they said we would be there until 6pm Friday, so that meant we couldn't go to Grand Cayman. I never saw any of the lifeboats in the water either until mid morning and we saw 1 out there. It looked like it was picking up the lifejackets that had been thrown overboard. I feel the ship didn't do much to help look for that girl! I was outraged that no one came! Our kids were on the balcony the next night and heard the kids from next door talking about what happened. They said they were blaming the cruise line because they were serving a 15yr old drinks. They also said that she was leaning over the railing to vomit and thats when she went overboard. They thought she hit a lifeboat and ran down to that deck to see if she was still on it. Then they ran back up and that must be what we heard in the hallway. We feel that if security had stayed there or done something more, then this incident may not have happened! They didn't even want to talk to us. No one asked us any questions either. I wonder would it have been different if it was an american? I guess not. We sure were glad to be back at home in the USA!

1/13/2006 8:52 PM  
Blogger Safe Cruise Blog said...

Our experience in May 2005, when an elderly couple disappeared from our ship was very similar. It took Cranival 15 hours during darkness to get the ship back to where the couple alleged fell off. We saw no law enforcement, no Coast Guard, no security personnel, and no foreign naval ships or planes. Tehy would not tell the passengers anything about what happened for the final 3 days of our cruise. We felt so bad for their family. The behavior of Carnival and Royal Carribean has not changed without new laws or great public pressure. I have contacted both of them and the sub-committee about participating in Project Safe Cruise. They must understand that we as customers will not accept the fact that they provide no security or safety for their passengers. If you would like to set up an anonymous email address on hotmail or yahoo and send a message to safecruise@hotmail.com, I will keep you up to date on the hearings and our negotions with ex-FBI agents, the attorneys, the media, and the families of the cruise victims. I recently sent info to On the Record at Fox News, MSNBC, the NY Times, and the NY Post, and the Miami Herald. We want to support those who have lost loved ones and have no answers and to prevent future tragedies. 42 people overboard since 2000 is horrible. Thnaks

1/14/2006 9:55 AM  
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