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Project Safe Cruise Press Release: See www.projectsafecruise.blogspot.com & details below. Leave a message if you have experienced incidents involving poor security & safety practices of cruise lines. Hearings are scheduled; we will provide them to Congress. We must act to insure passenger safety. The current lack of safety & security is not acceptable especially after 9/11. On 5/12/05, we were on the Carnival Destiny near Aruba when an elderly couple disappeared without a trace.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Royal Caribbean: A floating nation where you are free to do whatever you want

The Nation of Why Not launched by Royal Caribbean
Described as a floating nation where you are free to do whatever you want, Royal Caribbean has pushed the boundaries of imagination and innovation with there latest ad campaign. With the launch of the new brand concept - Nation of Why Not, the statement from Royal Caribbean is ‘anything is possible’. The new brand poses questions such as why not climb mountains at sea, ice-skate on the Equator or sunbathe past glaciers?
WHY NOT commit sexual assault on a cruise ship and never worry about being prosecuted. (Even though there have been hundreds of sexual assualts on cruise lines, there has been no convictions over the last forty years)
WHY NOT fall off a cruise ship and never have your death investigated.
WHY NOT take a cruise and be exposed to the Nova virus or the novel H1N1 virus and watch the ship be quarantined.
WHY NOT provide the foreign cruise companies with untaxed profits and help them pollute the deep blue sea at the same time.


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