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Safe Cruise

Project Safe Cruise Press Release: See www.projectsafecruise.blogspot.com & details below. Leave a message if you have experienced incidents involving poor security & safety practices of cruise lines. Hearings are scheduled; we will provide them to Congress. We must act to insure passenger safety. The current lack of safety & security is not acceptable especially after 9/11. On 5/12/05, we were on the Carnival Destiny near Aruba when an elderly couple disappeared without a trace.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Florida Today Exposes Carnival "Sweat Ships": The Under Belly of the Cruise Ship Industry

Sweatships The campaign: "A ship owner can go any place in the world, pick up anybody he wants, on almost any terms. If the owner wants to maximise profit at the expense of people, it's a piece of cake... It's a sweatshop at sea." Paul Chapman, a Baptist minister

Sweatships Press Releases
Life is no holiday for sweatship workers, says new report. 9 September 2002

floridatoday.com January 31, 2006

Imagine leaving your spouse, children and home for 10 months a year to work for tips aboard a cruise ship.That's the choice for thousands of workers on the ships based at Port Canaveral. To support families and gain hope for the future, they work 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week for 10 months at a stretch - some for salaries of as little as $75 per month. These low-cost workers from nearly 100 nations are a critical ingredient in an industry that avoids U.S. tax and labor laws and reaps billions in profits every year. To reveal the people and money behind Canaveral's cruise industry, FLORIDA TODAY sent reporter John A. Torres and photographer Craig Rubadoux on a journey around the world.

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Blogger TrumpetDad said...

There is a great pamphlet published in the UK called SWEATSHIPS. I have it somewhere but it is amazing and very accurate. I reference some of what it is like for crew, but not in a formal manner here:

12/22/2010 4:42 PM  

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